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Introducing Morrie Shechtman, a leading authority in the field of personal and business consulting, with an illustrious career spanning 45 years. His expertise extends from academia to clinical practice, and he is the esteemed author of “Working without a Net: How to Survive and Thrive in Today’s High Risk Business World” (1994), a seminal work widely acclaimed in business circles.

Morrie’s dedication to personal and professional development is unparalleled, as evidenced by his role as President of Fifth Wave Leadership, a renowned management consulting firm. Under his leadership, Fifth Wave Leadership has become synonymous with excellence, guiding clients to forge meaningful connections between personal growth, profitability and stakeholder value.

Joining Morrie is Arleah Shechtman, a seasoned psychotherapist with four decades of experience counseling people in committed relationships. Together, Morrie and Arleah embody the Shechtman legacy, one rooted in a shared commitment to maximizing human potential and driving organizational success.

Fifth Wave Leadership is a model of innovation in the field of management consulting, specializing in human capital development. Our mission is clear: to enable our clients to navigate the complexities of constant change, business mergers and workforce demands by fostering deeper levels of self-awareness and relationship building.

Through strategic planning, organizational change initiatives, conflict resolution, and recruitment and retention strategies, Fifth Wave Leadership provides clients with the tools needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our approach is not just about solving problems; it’s about transforming belief systems and paradigms to unlock untapped potential and drive sustainable growth.

In essence, Fifth Wave Leadership offers more than just consulting services: it offers a transformative journey to organizational excellence and individual fulfillment. Welcome to a new wave of leadership. Welcome to Fifth Wave Leadership.

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